Can You Go To Law School With A Psychology Degree

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Is graduate/professional school a possibility? • Can you make the necessary commitment in time and effort? psychology, etc. often elect to go straight into graduate school. (Law School Admissions Tests)

A CAREER DECISION TREE FOR PSYCHOLOGY MAJORS Do you plan to go to professional school (law, medicine, If YES –You will need at least a master's degree in some area of psychology. Investigate graduate programs (M.A., Do you plan to go to graduate school in psychology?

Careers in Psychology: Psychology and Law . So You Want To Be a Profiler? psychologists doing clinical work typically go to graduate school for a degree in clinical Do I tell her that she should study accounting or go to law school if she wants to be an FBI agent?

A letters, arts, and sciences degree can give you the flexibility to work in a broad range of positions, including: or are preparing to go to law school. Typical courses include historical and contemporary The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology can provide a broad education in the arts

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Tuition varies from law school to law school and from year to year. Law students typically finance their legal education through student loans and private or public scholarships. Sometimes employers offer tuition support

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Law versus Morality as Regulators of Conduct Steven Shavell, Harvard Law School It is evident that both law and morality serve to channel our behavior.

I recommend that you go to your career services office, a well-stocked bookstore or a public library and read as many of these that catch your eye. Also, while you are in law school, you should take every opportunity available to work in

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