Do Med Schools Accept Psychology Majors

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• HP schools accept academically excellent students •Common majors: Biology, Chemistry, & Psychology. PRE-MED TRACK STUDENTS MCAT 2015 and academic competencies 9/29/13 57 MCAT 2015 will assess

Pre-med at UW Tacoma like American Studies, Psychology, Social Welfare or Urban Studies can signify a more well–rounded education, thus making the applicant Obviously, medical schools do not accept all applicants. According to the AAMC website, in the

Many applicants believe that medical/dental schools want science majors or that certain programs prefer liberal arts * Some out of state medical/dental schools require additional courses. Others do not accept AP credits for prerequisite course UTMB Galveston 37 Psychology 58% UT San

Some of the medical and dental schools to which UNH students have been admitted: Albany Medical College Various majors selected by UNH students who have been admitted to medical and dental schools: Admit/Apply Accept 1. MCAT > 30; GPA > 3.5 17/18 = 94% 2.

Medical and Dental Schools DO I REALLY WANT TO BE A PHYSICIAN/DENTIST? * Some out of state medical/dental schools require additional courses. Others do not accept AP credits for prerequisite course work. University of Texas Health Science Center

Online Courses Accepted by UUSOM, but generally not accepted by other schools Repeats On your med school application, all repeated courses will be counted in your GPA However, there are some schools which do not accept these labs.

Medical Minority Applicant Registry (Med-MAR) These concepts are presented in basic science courses offered at most undergraduate institutions. Typically, Medical schools will accept scores dating back two or three years.

The required prerequisite courses and taking time to Some medical schools accept undocumented students and others do not. Finding out whether you nding.html

schools will need to see these grades on your application upfront. Attend med school courses simulcast, medical schools accept students but require them to participate in a summer enrichment program to facilitate the

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