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DO YOU WANT TO EARN A BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN SOCIAL WORK BUT CAN’T TRAVEL EVERY DAY TO BEMIDJI? COMING FALL 2013 (Human Biology, Intro to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Intro to American Politics, diversity requirement). You may also complete these five courses (or equivalents) as

SORTING OUT GRADUATE DEGREE AND LICENSURE OPTIONS IN PSYCHOLOGY AND MENTAL including a thesis. Many counselors hold a master's degree, and occasionally Ph.D. psychologists earn will meet your needs. With either of these licenses, you can assess and treat patients/clients, collect

Many students who complete a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology go on to earn a Graduate degree in Sociology or other fields of interest. Industrial/Organizational Psychology degree as well as their Sociology degree. you can visit DePaul’s eRecruiting website at

degrees will enable you to earn more money, to work in positions with more responsibility To help you understand why you might lean toward a degree in psychology, social work, or (See "Books on Graduate School for Psychology Majors"). You can order a copy by

Social Security How Much Do You Know About Social Security? 1. If you earn average wages during most of What is the effect of collecting Social Security benefits before your full retirement age? A. Benefits are reduced by up to 50%, depending upon year of birth

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You can start collecting at any age between 62 and 70. • Delay and, while you wait, use a portion of your savings to live on. 8 the amounts you can earn before Social Security benefits are withheld are updated each year to account

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Number of credits you earn while you work depends upon your covered wages. spouse files for Social Security. You can take spousal benefits as early as age 62 You can begin collecting early retirement benefits at age 62 but your monthly

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