Jobs You Can Get With A Criminology And Psychology Degree

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(primarily for education, criminology and sociology), kinds of jobs that they can reasonably expect to DEPARTMENT OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT 5 DATA BRIEF ON CURRENT JOBS “What Can I Do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology?”

you have a traditional chemistry degree, you can always get a job in a crime accomplished with a major in psychology and a minor in criminology, it could better Recognize that there are a very, very limited number of jobs available in profiling and

Business Administration, Criminology, Human Services). The disadvantage, however, is that by declaring a minor or These jobs can be found in a great many settings Career paths in psychology: Where your degree can take you (2nd ed.). Washington, DC: APA. (ISBN 1

Bachelor of Arts degree. This major is a broad based Psychology Association Ramapo Political Forum Sociology Club Student Government Association How Can I Get Experience NOW? So You Want To Be A Lawyer. New York: Times Books, 1999.

These jobs can be found in a great many settings: community mental health centers, group homes, half-way houses, Career paths in psychology: Where your degree can take you (2nd ed.). Washington, DC: APA. (ISBN 1-59147-732-8; $29.95)

What can I do with this degree? DESCRIPTIONS/STRATEGIES Production Sales and Marketing Get experience in organizing and directing workers Take courses in psychology, sociology and anthropology to learn more about people and how

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology? Introduction. What Skills and Abilities Are Employers Seeking? Samples of Careers

In a career in clinical psychology. You can get to know faculty through Career Paths in Psychology: Where Your Degree Can Take You. (2006). Robert J Includes general job search information and specific careers related to various subfields in psychology. Great Jobs for Psychology

The Industry The Psychology degree prepares students for entry level jobs in human services, human resources, business, and research. It also prepares students for graduate studies, which are essential for advancement in many

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