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© Oxford University Careers Service, September 2013, 1 PSYCHOLOGY One of the major attractions of becoming a psychologist is the opportunity to help others and while

A primary degree in psychology, and commonly a teacher training postgraduate degree by research in an area of sports psychology and this can help you to develop a career in the area Clearing House for Postgrad Courses in Clinical Psychology

Membership are on their website. Jobs where your psychology degree would be useful For more information on what you can do with a psychology degree generally, and what Edinburgh Psychology graduates in particular have gone on to do, look at the

Hat are you going to do with a degree in that? potential jobs. And even if you have no ideas, Then, you can emphasize on your resume how your qualifications relate to those skills. Liberal arts majors might want to con-

Can you get the particular • How diverse is the array of jobs you could hold with each license? If you wanted a change of pace after a few years in practice • A PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) is an academic degree earned in 4 years.

The Letters in Your Degree Have you ever wondered what the differences are between master ˇs, specialist, and doctoral A specialist degree in school psychology is generally accepted for certification as a school psychologist across the states,

C. Jobs for Bachelor Psychology Students Jobs ranked by popularity among Psychology graduates. and do not want to get a degree in psychology, you should definitely consider this career/degree but some are trained in psychology departments. You can obtain additional information about this

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In a career in clinical psychology. You can get to know faculty through Career Paths in Psychology: Where Your Degree Can Take You. (2006). Robert J Includes general job search information and specific careers related to various subfields in psychology. Great Jobs for Psychology

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