Online Degree Options

There are a high number of schools offering degrees with vastly different programs. Some of the courses are being offered by state and private universities you are very familiar with. You will discover many programs which are offered by schools specializing in only distance learning programs, also. The following information will help you understand what to expect as you pursue an education online and give you examples of a few top schools in both categories.

Major Universities Offering an Online Psychology Degree

To start off we will examine a few of the top schools in the USA who are offering this degree.

Florida Tech Online – The Online Unit of Florida Institute of Technology
Arizona State University
Robert Morris University

This list is limited to a few of the schools who will allow you to complete your degree. Most major universities offer a wide variety of the prerequisite, general study, and psychology courses through their independent study or distance learning programs. If you have a local university who offers psychology classes you may wish to check with their distance learning department to determine how much of your course work you can accomplish from home.

Universities Offering Distance Learning

There are a variety of colleges which specialize in online education that allow you to complete your degree 100% online. A few of the top names you may recognize are:

Kaplan University
Capella University
Walden University
Liberty University
Ashford University

You might believe you can receive a high level of education or degree from a traditional university, but you are in for a bit of a shock. These schools offer bachelor degrees, masters programs, and some schools even offer doctorate programs. If you believe earning a psychology degree limits your choice of specialty you are in for another surprise. As an example let us look at the specialties offered by Walden University.

Criminal Justice
Crisis Management

Walden University’s wide range of specialties is not unique to only their school. No matter what area of study you are interested in within psychology you can earn your degree online.

You could choose to stay in a general field of psychology but then you might miss out on some very intriguing and fun classes, plus leave behind the opportunity to earn a higher income by specializing. Here are two examples of specialty areas of psychology and the electives you would encounter.

The Use of Psychology in Criminal Investigation and Justice

One of the most interesting fields is Forensic Psychology. In this specialty you learn techniques in effective interviewing, understanding criminal psychology, and learn to provide support for investigators. Here are a few of the interesting courses which are part of both bachelor and masters programs in this field:

Forensic Assessment
Forensic Interviewing and Investigation
Psychology of Gender
Psychological Disorders
Methods in Psychological Inquiry
Social Influences on Behavior
The Criminal Mind

As you can see by these course titles this would be a very intriguing career.

Sports Psychology – Empowering Excellence

Perhaps the most fun field in this profession is becoming a Sports Psychologist. Instead of attempting to overcome psychological problems you are most commonly working to improve performance and help people to excel. You will be working along other professionals trained for a sports medicine career all with the goal of treating and improving the performance and healing of athletes. In reviews of sports medicine salary and government reports you will find a sports psychologist normally earns between $45,000 to over $100,000 per year with a median range of approximately $89,000.

These programs have a very interesting curriculum. Some of the courses you will enjoy in this specialty include:

Physiological Factors in Sports and Performance
Performance Enhancement
Enhancing Health and Well-Being in Sports and Performance Settings
Youth Development and Sports
Group and Team Dynamics
Advanced Tests and Measurements
Advanced Statistics
Core Mind-Body Practices
Integrative Mind-Body Practices
Rehabilitation in Sports and Performance

These degrees are available at the Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate level. You become a key part of the success of athletes and the teams you work with. It is a very rewarding career in the field of psychology.

As you can quickly see, getting a degree online instead of through traditional campus coursework is not limiting. You can specialize in any field and achieve any level of degree you desire.

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