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PSYCHOLOGY COURSE DESCRIPTIONS . AS OF FALL 2011 . LOWER-DIVISION COURSES . 1. General Psychology I . The scientific study of behavior. Topics include the physiological basis of behavior, sensation and

Touro College Graduate School Psychology Program Course Descriptions 2 | P a g e PSY 620 Developmental Psychology Focuses on the nature of physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and moral development from birth through adolescence,

PSYC 189 AFRICAN AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGY. This course provides an overview of African- American psychology. Course Descriptions Author: SCU User Last modified by: Santa Clara University Created Date: 4/19/2012 9:16:00 PM Company: Santa Clara University

PSYC%647%Psychology%of%Sex%and%Gender% This%course%will%offer%understanding%and%descriptive%accounts%of%sexual%diversity%and%preferences,%gender% Microsoft Word – Course Descriptions for MA in Clinical Community Psychology.docx Author:

PEAT Physical Education Varsity Sports PEPR Professional Physical Education PHIL Philosophy of psychology. ADDN 2970 Addictionology Practicum (1L,10LB,6CR): Course Descriptions 2012 –

PHYSICAL EDUCATION – COURSE DESCRIPTIONS . Grade 9 &10. PHYSICAL EDUCATION/HEALTH EDUCATION 20F –1.0 credit • Related theory in the areas of nutrition and hydration, sports psychology and leadership, prevention, and care of injuries, human anatomy and coaching certificatio n.

Course Descriptions HPED 162, Fundamentals of Sports and Fitness Management 2 This course provides an overview for becoming a health, physical education, and social psychology. Social Sciences Core Course. Books/Supplies $ 199.75 .

AN OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE A NEW OR SELDOM-OFFERED COURSE DURING THE SUMMER SESSIONS! GLOBAL S MK 369 Sports Marketing PS 230 Sports Psychology Please refer to the Course Descriptions section of this book for a more detailed description. Author: Christine Finn Created Date: 3/17/2014

SUMMER 2014 (SOC) SOCIOLOGY COURSE DESCRIPTIONS SOC-S 100 (9532) – INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY The goal of this course is for students to develop a "sociological imagination," the ability to see the interaction

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Important unit in any intro to psychology course. This portion deals heavily withway they do. This includes a description of Maslow's hierarchy of needs