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DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY GRADUATE STUDENT HANDBOOK 2013-2014 American University 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Asbury Building, Room 321 Washington, DC 20016-8062

Take 6 units of any upper division psychology courses not used to satisfy the requirements above; Take 6 units of upper division units in American Indian Studies, American Studies, Asian and Asian American Studies, Anthropology, Africana Studies, Chicano and

3 the APA Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major: Version 2.0 captures a set of optimal expectations for performance by undergraduates who are engaged in

©2012 Department of Psychology/American University. Psychology Department — American University 321 Asbury Building Additional psychology courses are listed in the University Catalog and may be used as electives. Psychology Major Worksheet Foundations

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Courses: Sun Zi Bingfa – Applications To Business & Marketing Strategies, Expertise: Cultural, Social & Personality Psychology Courses: Consumer Behaviour Hasnah Hussin Secretary. Page 9 MIB Status Report Singapore is strategically positioned as a center of global excellence for

Psychology Information Technology Pathway Programs Additionally, JCU Singapore offers courses at the pre-university level, specifically designed to provide pathways for students who are unable to immediately meet university entrance standards.

Department of Psychology. National University of Singapore. Block AS4 Level 2 9 Arts Link Singapore 117570 (Attn: Certified Training in Clinical Supervision) Places can only be confirmed upon receiving the registration form and cheque.

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