Psychology Degree And Social Work

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PSYC 3301 Abnormal Psychology (PREREQ: PSYC 1101) 3 cr SOWK 3372 Practice with Individuals€& Families Ф 3 cr SOC 1101 Introduction to Sociology 3 cr SOWK 3373 Group Work 3 cr

Department of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work • 129 Department of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work Dr. Jenifer Kunz, department head

Careers in Social Work Child, Family and School, Medical and Public Health, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social work is a profession for those with a strong

His work deals with social context, ethnicity, gender, and emotional Students earn a Master of Science degree as part of their training, but social psychology is not offered as a terminal masters degree. social psychology once they have earned their Masters degree. •

Entry Level Jobs for Psychology Majors . The types of entry-level jobs for which undergraduate psychology majors are typically prepared are those that use "people skills" (for example, communicating with and relating to individuals

Careers in Psychology Psychologists study animal and human behavior and related mental, physiological and social processes in an attempt to understand the causes of behavior.

Psychologists Job Outlook Very few opportunities directly related to psychology will exist for bachelor’s degree holders. Some may find jobs as

Is Psychology the right major for me? 25% of students with a BA in psychology go to grad school you are not qualified to be a “psychologist” without an advanced degree

PSYCHOLOGY HUMAN SERVICES Counseling Advocacy Mental Health Services AREAS EMPLOYERS STRATEGIES Obtain essential practical experience: Find part-time or summer jobs, e.g., camp

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