Psychology Degree Levels

Since the field of psychology is so vast, it’s important that one finds the right degree for their future career. There are a variety of degree levels and specialties within the field of psychology. Below are the three different types of psychology degrees, and how they can be applied to your work in psychology.

a. Bachelor’s in Psychology – This degree is the starting point for psychology majors. This undergraduate degree is usually done within 4-years depending on whether or not the student is full time or part time. This degree can be earned online and/or on-campus, depending on what works best for the student.

b. Master’s degree in psychology – This graduate degree program is the next logical step after earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology. This program can take up to 2 years to complete and provides a more advanced look at psychology. A master’s degree can be used for career advancement and can be narrowed down to a specific specialty including clinical psychology, forensic psychology, educational psychology, counseling psychology and more.

c. Doctorate in psychology – The highest degree on can earn in any field is the PhD or Doctorate in psychology. This program can take years to complete, including an independent study and thesis prior to graduating. These programs can be done online and on-campus as well. Earning a Doctorate in psychology can qualify you to work as an independent psychologist with your own practice, or at a managerial level within an organization such as a hospital or school.

Depending on where you are educationally, there is a degree in psychology program waiting for you!

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