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Title: Unforgiveness_Hook_Metaphor Author: Subject: Unforgiveness 'hook' metaphor based upon the ACT work of Stephen Hayes Created Date

Unhelpful Thinking Styles All or nothing thinking Mental ˜lter 2 + 2 = 5 Jumping to conclusions Emotional reasoning STUPID Labelling Over-generalising “everything is

Therapists! Share Materials. is a place to find and share resources so that everyone’s therapy toolbox can be bigger. Don’t waste time creating materials from scratch,

Psychology Tools. Sleep Diary Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Complete in the MORNING. Complete in the EVENING. I went to bed last night at (time) I got up this morning at (time) I slept for a total of (hours) I woke up during the night (# times)

Couple tools besides this book. The Psychology of Codependency . Dr. David S. Gruder of . Cleaning up the codependency laundry list is a series of 14 worksheets that guide you in tapping on the 14 “laundry list” codependency traits.

World History: Patterns of Interaction, Student tools: Current events, test practice, power -point guide, Social Studies Reference links Thinking Critically, Psychology Timeline; PsychInquiry Worksheets; PsychSim 5 Online Quizzing;

Relapse Prevention An Overview of Marlatt’s Cognitive-Behavioral Model Mary E. Larimer, relapse; relapse prevention; treatment model; cognitive therapy; behavior therapy; Clinical Psychology: