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History of School Psychology Timeline Social Reform Special Education Begins WWI First Training Program First Doctorate Program, APA & AAAP

Graduate School of Education and Psychology Education Career Day Thursday, February 6th, 2014 – Webinars & West LA Campus Elementary School and Lilliam Paetzold, Principal of Notre Dame Academy. Gain the inside scoop on what they are

A Career That Makes a Difference ©2008, National Association of School Psychologists School Psychology GENERAL SLIDE Discuss any in-service days, workshops, or presentations you have done for teachers, administrators, and/or parents.

School Psychology Career Roles and Rewards School psychology appears on many “best career” lists. U.S. News and World Report recently identified School Psychology as “one of the Best Jobs in 2012.” The re-wards are many, and the opportunity to provide mean-

50 Occupational Outlook Quarterly • Fall 2006 Career fields with promise Many people who decide to earn a college degree al- School and career counselors can help you apply for Federal aid and other forms of financial assistance. They

Online Psychology Career Center Occupational Outlook Handbook education is a combination that could prepare a student to teach psychology in a high school or to teach special populations, such as those with mental or physical disabilities.

Psychology Career Outlook 2010-2011 Psychology Programs Available at Bemidji State University: Major: Psychology (B.A., B.S.) Field of Emphasis: Social Studies: Psychology

Specialist degree program in school psychology. Career Outlook The job prospects for students who enroll in and complete the requirements for specialist program in school psychology are excellent. Students in the clinical child track conclude their education at the master’s

Psychology This information describes typical occupations and employment settings associated with this major. Understand that some of these options may require additional training.

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