Social Psychology Course

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Course Description. This seminar provides a broad overview of social psychology, [ Kassin, S., & Kiechel, K. (1996). The social psychology of false confessions: Compliance, internalization, and confabulation. Psychological Science, 7, 125–128. ] February 29…Processes of Attitude Change.

Psychology Course Descriptions PSYC 2301. Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 2301) 3(3-0) Social Psychology 3(3-0) Theory and phenomena of social psychology. The nature and type of social variables and the methods used to study them.

PSYC210- Social Psychology Course Information Common Course Outline Description: Social Psychology introduces the broad spectrum of theories and applications that make up the field of social psychology.

Social and Personality Psychology Course Requirements Core Courses. Psych 512 (3): Attitudes and Social Cognition . Psych 513 (3): Interpersonal Relations and Group Processes

Social Psychology. A survey of research and theory in social psychology. Topics include the self, person perception, attitudes, culture, Special Studies in Psychology. A course designed to broaden student psychological knowledge through directed study or research. Prerequisites: Junior or

Syllabus Wed Sep 7 Course Overview Shaffer, Ch. 1 Mon Sep 12 Theories of Social and Personality Development: Bandura Shaffer, Ch. 2, pp. 44-51

AP Psychology 508 2-16-06 AP PSYCHOLOGY COURSE DESCRIPTION SS000005 (1st. Sem.) SS000006 (2nd. Sem.) WG AP Psychology (11, 12) 1 UNIT, ALL YEAR

Psychology 750 2-16-06 PSYCHOLOGY COURSE DESCRIPTION SS000009 (1st or 2nd Sem.) PSYCHOLOGY (11, 12) ½ Unit Prerequisite: None Psychology is the social science that examines the mental processes and emotional behaviors of individuals.

12# # Psychology Course Descriptions PSY 2100. General Psychology (3) (This course is not required for psychology majors.) An introduction to psychological