What Can A Forensic Psychology Degree Do

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• Forensic psychology • Neuropsychology • Health psychology • Industrial or organizational psychology What can I do with a Psychology degree? Psychology is an exciting and popular college major that can lead to fulfilling careers in:

Forensic psychologists apply psychological principles to legal issues. Their expertise is often essential within the judicial system. What can You do with a “Degree” in Psychology? Areas: Psychology, Social Services, Business, Health, Government, Law/Justice.

Chart adapted from the Career Planning staff of Career Services at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville Forensic Psychiatry/Psychology cont… Disability Compensation

A law degree in order to be a forensic psychologist. However, joint degree programs may offer some advantages to particular students. Melton et al. (1999) offer a more comprehensive discussion of the

What can I do with a degree in Psychology? Some graduates will want to pursue further postgraduate study through a Masters to become a specialist Psychologist or will pursue registration through supervision upon graduation of a four year

2 Master of Arts, Forensic Psychology The rapidly growing field of Forensic Psychology focuses on the application of the science and profession of psychology to questions and issues

So, what can you do with a Psychology degree? Possible career paths and fields of work include: teaching, special education Forensic Psychology Cognitive Processes Experimental Analysis of Behavior Course Spotlight PSYC 4790: Analyzing and Changing

Burnout Risk Forensic psychology can be a very stressful job. Often, people and It is almost impossible to specialize in this field with only a bachelors degree. Forensic Psychology Forensic Psychology History of Forensic Psychology American psychologists at turn of 20th C. relatively

To become more involved in forensic psychology or learn about the profession, here is what you can do. Forensic psychology is the application of

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