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Find out where psychology can take you at WWW.PSYCH. SCIENCE ACTION.ORG. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES . Psychology touches every aspect of our lives. The Following are the most common psychology degrees and where they can lead: • Bachelor’s degree

This online psychology degree can lead to upward career mobility who have completed an associate’s degree with an emphasis in psychology, it is not required for admittance into this program. • 2.0 cumulative GPA (2.5 cumulative GPA

Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies 5 simple ways to explore your career options What can you do with your degree? 1. Network 2. Get involved , volunteer, try a unique hobby—and pick up some extra skills. These adventures could lead to future job opportunities. Here’s where to

WHAT CAN I DO WITH A MAJOR IN … PSYCHOLOGY OCCUPATIONAL OVERVIEW: Psychology, the study of human mind, behavior, and cognitive processes, is an exceedingly broad degree that can lead to

What Can I do with a major in Health Psychology? Psychology is a core social science; yet, it is rooted to the biological sciences and is the

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Revised 2010-01-15 Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions regarding the Psychology Major . Course requirements • Do art and music history courses count as history courses for the purpose of satisfying the social science

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Summary of data on major and income: Most psychology majors end up working in business, education and health. Tahoma Default Design Microsoft Graph 2000 Chart Microsoft Excel Worksheet Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet What can you do with a degree in Psychology?

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