What Can I Do With A Law And Psychology Degree

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What can I do with my degree? Industrial/Organizational, Law/Psychology, Multicultural, Neuropsychology, Personality, Physiological, Psychoanalytic, Psycholinguistics, Preparing for a Career with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Government, military, law “I'm Getting My Bachelor's Degree in Psychology–What Can I Do With It?” http://www.psichi.org/pubs/articles/article_50.asp

What can I do with this major? AREAS EMPLOYERS PSYCHOLOGY HUMAN SERVICES Direct Care: Crisis Work Rehabilitation Services Performance Enhancement Testing/Assessment Law Enforcement Administration: Advocacy Programming Community Relations Management Obtain a graduate degree in psychology

What Can I do With This Degree? Plan to attend law school and earn a law degree. Obtain specialized certification for paralegal positions. Supplement curriculum with courses in business, psychology, sociology, or social work.

What can I do with a degree in Law? L W Planning your career Choosing a career involves more than just finding out what is open to you. Knowledge

Biochemistry is a diverse discipline, and a bachelor's degree in it allows entry into fields such as biotechnology, cell biology, and the health

What Can I Do With A Major In degree in the field will usually serve as a credential for getting the job. ATHLETIC TRAINER Recognizes and evaluates injuries associated with competitive sports, provides immediate treatment,

What Can You Do With a Math Degree? Robert V. Kohn Courant Institute, NYU NYU Mathematics Society Colloquium, 2/8/2011 Robert V. Kohn What Can You Do With a Math Degree?

Global Studies- What can I do with this degree? Areas Employers Strategies Government: *National Security Agent Department of State Become familiar with government

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