What Can You Do With A Psychology Degree In New Zealand

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Illustrations from educational psychology in New Zealand Jean Annan Senior Lecturer, College of Education, Massey University, by participants to possess a high degree of social validity. In ecological Although many psychologists in New Zealand can demonstrate that they approach their

• Australian or New Zealand citizens and holders of Australian Psychology degree 4th year degree in Psychology 2 years supervised practice Japanese. You can also pursue further studies in applied statistics.

You can study Psychology through a Bachelor of Arts, degree, and you can study from a range of subjects within Psychology (usually called majors). You can also major in two subjects to complete a double major. New Zealand’s most advanced driving simulator is located in our

What qualifi cations and experience do I need? You will need a master’s degree in psychology, a postgraduate diploma of education psychology (or an equivalent) and New Zealand Psychology Society www.psychology.org.nz Ministry of Education, Special education

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