What Can You Do With An Honours Degree In Psychology

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Bachelor degrees and to the four-year Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree.

152 Psychology Degree options MA or BSc (Single Honours Degree) Psychology BSc (Single Honours Degree) Neuroscience (with School of Biology) Joint Honours Degrees

The last year of the Bachelor of Psychology degree (i.e., the Honours year); (2) the Bachelor of Arts Honours programme (Course code 707); and (Psychology): You will only have honours to apply for, so, make sure you have met all the requirements for honours entry, namely you have: 1.

• Macquarie University On Line Application for Admission to an Honours Degree Program . • Dept of Psychology Honours Additional Information & Research Topic Choices form to: THE PSYCHOLOGY HONOURS YEAR. PLEASE DO NOT FILL IN THE FOLLOWING IF YOU ARE A MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY STUDENT.

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