What Careers Can I Pursue With A Psychology Degree

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Obtain a graduate degree in psychology, counseling, or What can I do with this degree? AREAS EMPLOYERS STRATEGIES (Psychology, Page 2) • Some students may choose to study psychology because they enjoy the subject but wish to pursue careers requiring "any major."

DePaul University Career Center | Psychology 1 What Can I Do with a Major in Psychology How to use this guide DePaul’s Career Roadmap was designed to help students and alumni navigate the career development

What can I do with a degree in Psychology? Some graduates will want to pursue further postgraduate study through a Masters to become a specialist Psychologist or will pursue registration through supervision upon graduation of a four year

PSYCHOLOGY HUMAN SERVICES Counseling Advocacy Mental Health Services Pursue excellent academic record. Obtain graduate degree for advancement. What can I do with this degree? AREAS EMPLOYERS STRATEGIES (Psychology, p. 2)

Labor studies majors can find work in law enforcement, homeland security, FBI, CIA, public & environmental affairs, social work, Related Careers Graduates in Labor Studies may pursue one of the career options listed below

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But can also pursue careers in the private While a few of our graduates pursue advanced degrees in the law or the social sciences at some of the best HOMELAND SECURITY Customs/Border Protection Representative FOREIGN AGRICULTURAL SERVICE

The mission of the Department of Administration of Justice is to educate students for careers and community institutional services, security administration, homeland security, and other related career areas. Students wishing to pursue the undergraduate degree offered through the Department

Programmers, Web designers, homeland security specialists, nurses, physical therapists, biomedical pursue college and careers. How can I learn more about career and technology education? A

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