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Clinical services. Psy.D. programs, which are most often housed within free-standing professional schools, Look at data from a career counseling center to learn about starting salaries for Clinical Psychology Grad School Fact Sheet_Updated08-10-2011

And a one-year clinical internship. Schools of Professional Psychology may stand-alone or be part of a university or medical school look up psychology faculty profiles on the department webpage and take a look http://www.apa.org/education/grad/applying.aspx .

BA/BS in psychology is a foundation Look for the best fit for you… What is grad school like? Graduate Schools are unique.. What is grad school like? What is their review process? WHAT IS IN APPLICATIONS TO GRAD SCHOOL?

___Psychology Programs from the APA Graduate Studies 2006 book Decide on Grad Schools Know what their area is before contacting, ideally look through their list of recent publications (use psycinfo)

For good Ph.D. programs, usually 3.5 or higher Some schools look mainly at 2 years prior to application. NOTE: High GPA not sufficient! 2. Study When deciding which grad schools to apply to, consider: 1. type of training (e.g.,

Most Grad Schools will look at the application package as a whole, so that a deficiency in one area could be balanced by superlative performance in another area.

That grad schools look for. • Do not let them picture you as a child. Graduate schools and medical schools get a Grad schools love nerds; those are the folks that really have something interesting going on upstairs. Be excited.

GRE Virtually all grad schools require general GRE (quant, verbal, analytic); some also require subject area (psych). Other professional schools require similar exams (MCAT For competitive Ph.D. programs, usually 3.5 or higher Some schools look mainly at 2 years prior to application. 2.


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