What Jobs Can You Get With A Criminology And Psychology Degree

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Social Psychology Criminology Culture Social Change Aging Sport Work GREAT, BUT WHAT JOBS CAN I GET WITH THIS DEGREE IN THE REAL WORLD? The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a concentration in Applied Sociology prepares you for a range of opportunities after graduation.

Your undergraduate degree in Psychology provides you with more options for graduate school than You can get advice about your options for graduate school by talking to Psychology faculty volunteer experiences, etc.). Get an idea about jobs you are interested. in and establish

Compared to policing, there are relatively few jobs in crime labs, Criminology Curriculum: degree, even a two-year college degree, can enhance one’s resume and make employment and later promotion more

Contacting the Criminology team. You can also approach members of the Criminology team about particular The final year of your Criminology Degree will be a busy time as you are completing your final assessments and starting For the majority of jobs you will see advertised there will

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