What Jobs Can You Get With A Psychology And Sociology Degree

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CAN I GET WITH A SOCIOLOGY DEGREE? especially those dealing with social programs and their implementation. Usually, they are not employed in jobs with the title "sociologist," since that title requires criminology, demography, social psychology, public administration, gerontology

Fundamental knowledge about the social world. A sociology degree alone gives you a deep understanding of the social world Social Psychology Mass Media & Communications Criminology Culture Social Change Aging Sport Work GREAT, BUT WHAT JOBS CAN I GET WITH THIS DEGREE IN THE

What can I do with a degree in sociology? This question can be answered in a multitude of Many jobs outside of academia do not necessarily carry the spe- He took a wide range of courses in sociology, social psychology,

Services, computer science, criminal justice, gerontology and sociology, to name a few. See Psychology majors can get a variety of jobs in the field of writing. These include being Career paths in psychology: Where your degree can take you (2nd ed.). Washington, DC: APA. (ISBN 1

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