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Why Do a Degree in Psychology? You will have your own reasons for being interested in psychology. Over the years, ally only required to reach a pass standard so that you can progress into the second year.

Career Options: What You Can Do With Such A Degree Eric Landrum Department of Psychology Boise State University Psi Chi Symposium “The ABC’s of an Advanced Degree: What Do They All Mean?”

Positions in 4-year universities teaching and conducting research. Individuals with non-clinical PhDs in psychology do not deliver mental health treatment If you prefer to have the prestige of the doctoral level degree, you really enjoy school and prefer to have

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What Can You Do with a Psychology Degree? By Don MacMillan, Systems Integration Manager Waterbury Hospital, Waterbury CT. dmacmillan@wtbyhosp.org

In a career in clinical psychology. You can get to know faculty through Career Paths in Psychology: Where Your Degree Can Take You. (2006). Robert J Includes general job search information and specific careers related to various subfields in psychology. Great Jobs for Psychology

Do psychology so that they can get a worthwhile and satisfying job. That status is compulsory for some careers and so is not optional if you want to work in certain jobs. So you can see that there are real advantages in choosing On a psychology degree you develop writing skills,

Can You Get a Job with a BA/BS in Psychology? Having an undergraduate degree in psychology makes a person eligible for some jobs they would not be eligible for without the degree.

The Letters in Your Degree Have you ever wondered what the differences are between master ˇs, specialist, and doctoral A specialist degree in school psychology is generally accepted for certification as a school psychologist across the states,

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