What You Can Do With A Social Psychology Degree

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What Can I Do With a Major In….. Psychology Potential Employment Areas and Examples . Government: Clinical Assistant Social Services Youth Services Administrator . Domestic Violence Advocate . Local Schools and Degree Offerings : CSUN: B.A. Psychology : CSULB: B.A. Human Development

WHAT CAN I DO WITH HISTORY AND PSYCHOLOGY A LEVELS ? •What Degree courses can you do •Career options after a degree •Career options after A Level

“What Can I do With a Major in…Psychology? year school with a master's degree in psychology; however, the job market is mental, physical and/or social behavior. You would lead life skills training groups and leisure activities.

you can obtain jobs both within psychology such as evaluating their interests, abilities and disabilities, and dealing with personal, social What You Can Do With Such A Degree Eric Landrum Department of Psychology Boise State University Psi Chi Symposium “The ABC

I knew from social psychology that people like others who they find similar to themselves, So what can you do with a psychology degree? Anything you want. You could go into project management, marketing, pursue a law, business, or medical degree.

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Social Psychology Graduate Program Student Handbook Department of Psychology University of Utah Revised 9/7/2010

I'm Getting My Bachelor's Degree in Psychology‐‐What Can I Do With It? by R. Eric Landrum ‐ Boise State University It's best to think of your undergraduate education in psychology as learning "about" psychology, not learning "to do"

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