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In Psychology Allyn and Bacon Guide to Master’s Programs in Psychology and Counseling Psychology Career Paths in Psychology – Where Your Degree Can Take You. Can take more hours as electives that don’t count toward major. (12 DIS/12 4920) 4. Depending on career goals, may want to do

psychology degree can be used for many different career paths. A background in psychology would prepare me for a wide range of graduate programs from human resources to law. I was undecided about the career path I would want to take, but

Heather has worked in the voluntary sector for many years and her psychology degree has helped her to take a fresh approach to her role. I have worked with volunteers for over 17 years

UK, stories by students, and Where Can Psychology Take Me? http://www.as.uky.edu/academics/departments_programs/ psychology Major Resource Kits http://matrix.scranton.edu/academics/cas/psychology/ careers-degree.shtml Psychologist – Occupational Outlook Handbook description Nature of the

Categories of Job Titles Relevant to Psychology Bachelor's Degree Holders Related to psychology Related to business Other areas

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DePaul University Career Center | Psychology 1 What Can I Do with a Major in Psychology How to use this guide DePaul’s Career Roadmap was designed to help students and alumni navigate the career development

What can I do with a degree in Psychology? Some graduates will want to pursue further postgraduate study through a Masters to become a specialist Psychologist or will pursue registration through supervision upon graduation of a four year

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