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PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR WORKSHEET. (Must include 6 Psychology courses beyond Intro and 2 courses numbered 200 and above from E&EB or MCDB dealing Courses outside the major or courses that you completed while away from Yale that you wish to count toward the major require a signature

Yale University Department of Psychology P. O. Box 208205 New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8205 January 6, 2012 What courses have you taken that you think may be relevant to the research performed in our lab? 2. Describe in detail your previous research experience. 3.

1 Psychology 110B – Final Professor Paul Bloom April 30, 2007 1. Please clearly PRINT your name on top of EVERY PAGE. Do this first. 2. There are a total of 19 pages, including this one.

Psychology Religious Studies Russian Russian & East European Studies Sociology South Asian Studies* Spanish Special Divisional Major Yale courses taught abroad in summer 2014 1,000 + Yale students have received fully-funded trips to pursue language study

E-mail: marvin.chun@yale.edu Teaching Fellow Becky Fortgang Ph.D. Student, Department of Psychology E-mail: rebecca.fortgang@yale.edu • If you are familiar with all fields of psychology through other courses and personal readings, and you do not plan to major in psychology,

Sites that specialize in Web courses designed by college professors under contract with the Web site . sponsor, rather than in Web versions of existing college courses, include OCL: General Psychology. Open Yale Courses: Introduction to Pyschology, http://oyc.yale.edu/psychology.

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DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY Graduate Program Laboratories, Yale Child Study Center) are common and encouraged. These relationships facilitate the Requirements for admission include basic courses in statistics, general psychology and experimental

Psychology Online Resources Source Link Description MIT Open Courseware Yale provides free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught at the University. Includes: lectures, readings,